What have you volunteered to do?

A great way to humble yourself and serve others is to give away something that is valuable.

There is one thing we all have that is equal. And that is time.

But some value it more than others. Yet we all have an equal amount. And if time was traded on the commodities market, it probably would not fetch a high price because economic laws of scarcity wouldn’t apply. It can’t be banked to use at a later date so supply and demand principles don’t have any rule.

Yet we seem to waste time, spend time and try to stop time. There’s time out, time’s up and overtime. Time can fly, crawl and even seem to stand still.

We long to build a time machine for time travel to a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Do we have what it takes to give away our time for nothing in return?

I had the pleasure of serving as a volunteer recently for Leadercast. A one-day event in Atlanta and simulcast to hundreds of sites around the world, leaders from the business world, religious figures and political influencers share their experiences to help you become a better leader.

I expected nothing in return. Yet I came away with so much more. New friendships, new experiences, new opportunities to serve others.

Most importantly, I didn’t worry about time.

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