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Scintigraphy. A new word I learned today. “Skeletal scintigraphy helps to diagnose and evaluate a variety of bone diseases and conditions using small amounts of radioactive materials called radiotracers that are injected into the bloodstream. The radiotracer travels through the … Continue reading

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The “C” word

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It won’t happen again in our lifetime

9:10.11 12/13/14 You could probably write it another way and get a similar result on a different day at a different time. The point is that these moments are here for . . . well . . . a moment. … Continue reading

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Does this word even have a meaning in today’s society? You have a situation that comes up and instead of handling it with truth, you decide it’s better to fabricate a story about the legitimacy of the event in order … Continue reading

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What have you volunteered to do?

A great way to humble yourself and serve others is to give away something that is valuable. There is one thing we all have that is equal. And that is time. But some value it more than others. Yet we … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Whaddya know? Another blog. Random. Insightful. Hilarious in my own mind. That’s me and my blog. It could be about me, my family, my job, my church. The possibilities are endless. You can read, comment or press the delete button … Continue reading

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